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Luke Blanchard
Hey. My name is Luke Blanchard. I live in Fort Myers Florida. I am 15-year-old sophomore at South Fort Myers High School. Something to note is that I only write what interests me.

Things that I enjoy include tubing, sailing, paintballing, traveling, camping, hiking, canoeing, Frisbee, and games my friends and I make up.  When that’s not an option, I like to watch Netflix and write.

One day I’d like to be a filmmaker. I like to direct and edit movies, commercials, or music videos. I find it soothing and exciting, and the finished product is always fun to watch and show off.

I’ve traveled a little bit, mostly through the South: Georgia, Alabama, the Carolinas, Tennessee, and all around Florida, including the Keys. The farthest I have traveled is Colorado.

I treasure many things in this world, my friends being one of them.

Luke Blanchard, Writer

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