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Aileen Ho
I'm am known as “Ho” or “Ling Ling.” Aileen Ho is the name. See where “Ho” came from? I am 75% Vietnamese and 25% black. Born in Denver, Colorado, she was raised there and eventually moved to the “Sunshine State,” also known as Florida. My Vietnamese name is Lien. My friends heard my grandma repeating my name over and over, so I got stuck with “Ling Ling” since freshman year in Colorado until now. Trust me. I am idyllic with it. After my graduation this spring, I will be attending FSW for two years get my associate degree before I head off to FGCU. I'll major in biology and then go to dental school. As a high school student, it’s all about the actions. I must always be ready to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. I set goals and follow the steps that are necessary to achieve them. I always say to myself I can do anything if I set my mind to it. 






Aileen Ho, Writer

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