Wolfpack Press

2018-2019 Staff

Melanie Dromboski

Hi, there.   I'm a professional dog petter.

Mark Anthony Marquez

I love social media.

Mark Maner

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.

Brian Aragon

Cuscacleco, hip-hop fanatic, socially awkward, and trying to learn my ancestors' language Catalan.

Itzel Jimenez

If you're on my seat, I'll make you move.

Kameron Wilson

I love video games and sports. Oh. yeah. Writing is cool too.

Kwantayvia Williams

Kwantayvia... the eccentric and rebellious writer.

Parrish Cormier

I eat ice on the daily.

Matthew Hilfiker

I like playing basketball and getting strikes in Wii bowling.

Ryan McKay

I walk in the shadow of the rat race.

Miquelont Murray

I hope one day to be fluent in Korean.

Krystal Hernandez

I’m a motivated student, and I often find myself thinking of art, Jeffrey Dahmer and K-Pop.

Myscha Dang-Harris

I'm an African-Asian American who can occasionally write a decent piece and is overly enthusiastic about puns.

Jaydan Baldock

I'm not negative, and I like to carry a skateboard in the school hallways.

Rhionna Warrington-Birdit

My name is Rhionna Warrington-Birdit, and I just moved here from Illinois.

Jessica Nugiel

My name is Jessie Nugiel and I dissociate myself from existential dread by talking to myself about Transformers every single day.

Nadee-Sheena Joseph

Hi! My name is Nadee Joseph, and I really hope I get better at writing.

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