The Knights in Red and Blue

Tony Wood via Flickr

Sofia Decosta, Author, Athlete, Student

It was a dark quiet night in a small neighborhood right outside of Fort Myers. Not even the chirping of the crickets could be heard.  The only sound throughout the whole neighborhood was coming from my house and it was when I left the house slamming the screen door behind me trying to shut out the yelling of my mother. I shut my eyes trying to hold the tears back that were fighting my eyelids, that trying to squeeze out of a loose crack. Holding my eyes I couldn’t help it anymore and the salty water started streaming down my red face and now with no force of restrainment. With not a care about that silly rhyme me and my mom would always laugh about, step on a crack and break your mother’s back, I continued walking down the rugged sidewalk with wet sleeves from drying the tears and snot that showed no signs of stopping anytime soon. With wet blurry eyes I tripped on an uneven cement block that I had never noticed before on previous walks. Feeling a pain shooting through my knees and elbows the tears became thicker and heavier. A small puddle of blood began staining the sidewalk a red that I have never seen so dark. Through the thick coat of water on my eyes I saw a dark mysterious figure walking towards me with a reassuring voice asking “Are you ok?” Standing up with no words for this dark figure I looked down at the mark I had just left when the sound of my mother’s voice made its way back to my ears and without hesitation I gave a quick glance at her to see her fuming face and ran leaving the dark shadow in the dust. Not thinking twice, I ran into the road hoping it would lead somewhere that no one can find me and hoping to just leave everything I didn’t want to deal with behind me. Somewhere I could escape the noise that suddenly made its way into my head and the pain that not only came from the knees and elbows but the pain that I felt from the ones who loved me. About a mile down the road I found myself falling to the ground due to not being able to see anymore from the waterworks coming from my eyes. Sitting there, head in between my scratched up legs, I sobbed. A million thoughts racing through my head all at once was stopped by the one loud bang that made the tears, the thoughts, and for a second my heart stop. 

After what felt like a minute to long I was able to recognize my neighbor, Mr. Janson, who was coming up from behind me. He was a very tall, linky, kind man who everyone knew as the sweet old man down the street who would always offer to help with our yard work or any other tasks that he didn’t mind doing. He was the type of person that you could bring cookies to and could sit there eating them having a genuine conversation. On multiple occasions from the time I have moved there I have gone over to his house and would spend hours on end just talking to him about everything that was going on in my life and no matter what situation he would always have the right answer. The feeling of relief filled went through me when I saw his figure walking towards me and hearing a familiar voice that comforted me. Pulling me up off the ground I smelt a heavy stench that filled the air as soon as he came within five feet of me. It smelled like an old thrift shop that has the little pink sweaters passed on from little old ladies that were worn by dust more than the women. As his arms wrapped around me for a hug something seemed off. It was almost like he was dark and secretive, I have never felt this feeling from him before and I did not like it. Feeling his hand starts receding from around me head back to his side, thinking the hug was over, I let go, trying to back up, but his other hand held my firmly refusing to let me go. I struggled to try and get free from he’s alarming grip until I found myself in shock and back on the ground but this time in even more pain. I looked up at this so called sweet old man and only saw a blood covered knife in his hand and the same dark red splattered all over him that I failed to notice before. I layed there in disbelieving pain as I watched him hobble away and fade into the darkness. Holding the fresh wound I sat up trying to scream for help but no sign of words leaving my mouth. Fighting through the pain and tears I was able to stand up and stumble to the house that was right across the street. I staggered up the stairs in hope I could get the energy to knock loud enough to wake up whoever was inside. Nearly falling while coming up the last set of stairs I noticed that the door was left ajar. Not caring about anything except the large stain growing on my shirt and what was under it I barged right in using all the energy I had left to find the words and say “Hello? Is anyone home?” Before I could find a response a strange feeling took over my body making me forget all the pain that was traveling throughout my body. My curiosity got the best of me, even though in scary movies I would always call the character in these situations stupid for going, I continued to search through the dark house maneuvering my way through the furniture that smelt of a damp piece of wood. Turning around the corner into the kitchen my gut was telling me not to go and to just turn around and get help but I couldn’t. Taking my first step onto the tile floor of the beautiful kitchen shivers when down my spine. Second step, third step, and by the fourth I saw exactly what I wish I never would. I jerked my head around to the sound of sirens that were getting louder and louder. Standing in the kitchen next to the lifeless corps that used to be my neighbor, Mr. Roberts, all the thoughts from earlier flooded back into my mind. That’s when everything started making sense. The loud bang, Mr. Janson coming out of nowhere, and the door already open. The sirens were louder than ever giving me a headache and made the room start to spin. I started heading to the front door but the 3 policemen beat me there. I saw the flashing red and blue lights and heard shouting of the men saying “Get on the ground! Now!” Not being able to comprehend what they were saying I fell to the ground hitting my head. Everything was blurry now. The lights that were coming to save me were soon just black. Everything was.