A new town


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Ashley Kloh, Student, Author

 A New Town 

I pack the last box in my room, well I guess its my old room now. Today is our last day here in Ohio. When I say ‘our’ I mean my little brother and my mom. My dad isn’t in the picture anymore, he packed his things a long time ago and left with his new family. I’m not ready to leave my home. I’m not ready to make new friends in a foreign state. I’m not ready for these changes. “Sam are you ready?” turning around I poke my head out of my door,”Yes mom i’m coming now.” I yell back to my mom. Her names Kate, she’s a good mother, she takes care of Seth and I without complaining, and she’s been doing it for 17 years now. I push my thoughts aside and grab my box, I guess it’s time for me to start a new life in a new home. 

“Okay honey have a good day and make friends, I love you see you after school.” she leans over and gives me  a kiss on the cheek. “I love you too mom see you later.” I hop out of my moms truck and walk towards my new school. I hope today goes decently. Everyone in the halls clear out after about 5 minutes. I pull out my schedule and try and find my first period class. This school is so big, how am i going to find where everything is? Why are there no teachers around?   Searching the halls for my first period class, the lights seem to flicker on every step taken. I can’t help but notice whispers coming from the upcoming hallway. When I peak over the corner I see a tall guy talking to a shorter guy, they seem to be the same age. I try too quiet my breather so I can focus more on what they’re saying. “Mike has been missing for a few days now people are gonna start to notice.” The tall one with brown hair and a tattoo running down his left arm says. The short boy with dirty blonde hair and an eyebrow piercing looks up towards the tall boy, “Im  almost positive no one will find out what we did, We secured everything down at the lake, Nothing can go wrong.” I gasp and drop my bag. Crap. The boys voices stop abruptly and that’s when I quickly grab my bag and bolt down the hall. As I run as fast as I can, I hear the slamming of the guys feet behind me. I start to panic, Its my first day in a new school and I already have people after me. I notice a closet too my right and I quickly throw myself into it and quietly shut the door. I hear the boys run past the door and I sigh with relief. Those kids did something horrible to someone else. Should I call the police?  Should I mind my own business? I’m not a coward, I have to do something, I made myself a part of this by being nosy. I muster up enough courage to look out the door and see if it’s clear for me to leave. Seeing nothing I I creep out of the closet and walk fast down the hall and towards the stairs. I’m getting out of this messed up school. Once I find where I entered I exit as quickly as I came in. I start to think the quickest way to get home. My moms at a new transfer job so I can go straight to m y room and pretend i’ve been in school all day. I look around me and notice nobody around, nobody driving on the streets, does nobody live in this town?

This town is so weird I need to get home. I shiver away my fears and start to walk down the road I remember my mom driving down. As I passed a couple houses I hear  two footsteps behind me. My heart pounds faster and my steps pick up but so does theirs. I feel a hand grab my shoulder and when I turn around I see nobody. I freaking myself out. It’s just my mind messing with me. I keep walking until I get home. I’m so confused on what I should do. Those boys did something. I should call the police, but I only remember one of the boys names: Mike. I drop my bag on the couch and grab the home phone. Walking up to my room I start to dial ‘911’. Every step I take up the stairs I get a cold feeling in the pit of my stomach. Somethings wrong. I look behind me and see something black and foggy run through the kitchen. I dropped the phone and run in my room, and I slam my door and lock it. There’s someone in the house. Alone with me. I turned around and stopped dead in my tracks. Sitting on my bed is the tall boy from school today. He starts to chuckle “You didn’t actually think we were gonna let you go that easy?” After he said that  notice the big blade in his left hand and scream.