Meeting at a Restaurant

A table at a restaurant

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A table at a restaurant

Parrish Cormier

Two women, both dressed in their most costly attire, sat at the most lavish table in the most expensive restaurant. The slim blonde sat a few inches taller and appeared more intimidating than her adversary across the table: a small, plump brunette with freckles sprinkled across her nose.

She eyed her with resentment and insecurity. Her adversary.

I sipped my cup of coffee as I watched the two women. The small brunette huffed as she reached for her glass of water. The tension radiating from the center of the restaurant attracted the eyes of on looking customers. Silence swallowed the women whole as they held each other’s glares, unaware of the attention they were receiving. A mere 40 seconds later, the brunette released a ragged breath and looked away. Her eyes watered as she searched the room as if she was begging for something distract her. The beautiful and balanced and blonde woman merely smiled at her opponent’s inability to withhold emotion.

Suddenly, the door to the restaurant dinged, alerting everyone to the new customer. A tall broad-shouldered man dressed in a black Savile Row suit bounded into the room nearly knocking a server onto the floor. He greeted the blonde with a long sloppy kiss on her cheek while wrapping an arm around her waist and sitting down.

He curtly acknowledges the woman across from him before pulling papers from his bag. He smiled ruthlessly at the somber woman across from him, his somber wife. He attempted to explain to her the meaning of the documents but she merely waved a shaking hand, dismissing his words, and reached for the pen. The blonde smiled triumphantly and terribly, while the brunette was reminded of heartbreak. As she finally signed the divorce papers she dropped the pen as if it was the heaviest thing she’d ever touched and stood up confidently. She politely nodded her head at them and stopped at the door.  She turned and reached out her hand to the table, to the blonde and the broad-shouldered man.

The blonde smirked, took a final sip of red wine, and joined the woman at the door, leaving the man at the table. Alone.