Itzel Jimenez

Woman, a woman from far away, walked toward an exquisite tower.

The wind blew her dark, brown curls behind her, and the rising sun inked the sky brilliant, bright blue. Her hazel eyes reflected the earth.

Woman saw Dragon, a serpent, coiled around the base of the tower tucked into a hillside. She was still guarding her most precious captive.

As Dragon lifted her head from her guardpost, she saw Woman extend her right arm so gracefully, lovingly, in her direction. She didn’t point; she gestured. Dragon’s crystal eyes darkened as her pupils transformed into vertical slits, eyeing the approaching Woman with suspicion.

Was she the predator? The predator after her precious captive?

Woman touched Dragon’s spiked tail and said, “I’m the one.” 

The day had come.  Woman had come. The Dragon shed a single tear, and, knowing it was useless to hesitate, uncoiled from the tower. 

Dragon flew to the spire atop the tower to wake her gem for Woman, her handsome prince with light brown hair, green eyes and tan skin.  The Dragon can’t caress her gem’s face and give him a kiss on the cheek anymore, so, with gentle grief, The Dragon griefly handed Woman her prince, her prince she had been protecting for many years.

Dragon re-wrapped herself around the spire, and she watched them, Woman and her possession, go.

Woman, in love, and her son, newly free from The Dragon, held hands and walked upon the hills, in delight, for the first time.

And she kept watch.