Peter Pan’s Shadow


Davaisha Lias

Together, we walked out of the blood-filled alley.  We were together because we are one. I live attached to him, dragged along the ground and thrown against against brick walls.

Peter’s hands are clutching his core, covered in this vile and crimson fluid. His head hangs down as a tear descends from his cheek. I lay on the pavement, mimicking his every move, and I looked up at him. I can tell he wants to be free of me.

“Why did you make me do it?”

I smiled.

“You know people hate you, but they don’t hate me,” he blurted.

That’s convenient because people don’t see me. They only see Peter.

Peter was the one thing he hated most in the world, the only person his mom ever pressured him to be like — his father.

As Peter start reminiscing about all of the horrible things his father has done tears drip down his face. He snapped out of it and realized what he had done. It was showing on his face that he was conscience-stricken.

Still running his feet intertwined with one another and he collapsed. In the shade, the bright sunlight of noon was shining on his face.

It’s not your fault Peter. You just couldn’t handle the pressure that’s why I helped you out. I said it, but he didn’t hear me.

“You helped me out? You made me a monster but no more. I’ll never forgive you.”

The shade is moving towards his face, covering his entire body.

Suddenly I couldn’t feel him anymore, I couldn’t see him anymore, and I couldn’t hear him. I was fading away. He was free of me until the sun rose again.

Bye, Peter Pan.