Dress Code Remixes


Itzel Jimenez, Parrish Cormier, Myscha Dang-Harris, and Kwantayvia Williams

A remix or mashup poem is when a poet takes an existing text, changes it up, and creates something new.  South’s Creative Writing students had some fun with the Lee County Schools Dress Code. 

Itzel Jimenez

The responsibility for the student appearance rests with the internet, clothing stores, and Seventeen Magazine. Students’ appearance shall not disrupt the fashion industry process.

Clothing is expected to wear the student properly.  

Students will accommodate all clothes as follows:

  1. Students shall be adequate in both length and weight to be considered appropriate for clothes.
  2. Pants shall wear students at the waist, with or without undergarments.
  3. Students with holes, tears, etc, may not be worn, or clothes won’t be considered a garment.
  4. Waists shall extend higher than the shirt or blouse level.
  5. Any student that assaults underwear or any clothes in an indecent or vulgar manner will be disciplined.
  6. Female knees must reach the Skirts.  If not, female students must crawl.
  7. Tank tops should only wear students with an A cup. Beyond that size, tank tops will get too much attention, and we don’ t want that.
  8. Students are not permitted to include any of the following: alcohol, drugs, tobacco, profanity, and sexual activities. All clothing is in recovery.
  9. Shoes will wear students at all times, or students are going to stink up the whole place.
  10. Hair coloring or style that violates guidelines of current trends will cause a substantial disruption to the fashion industry. Don’t do it.
  11. Students may not be see-through; tops need privacy.


Parrish Cormier

The purpose of the Dress Code? Encourage students to focus on gang-related and illegal     activity, etc.

Students, you shall each maintain a tattoo of a symbol that promotes the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or any other illegal activity. Really.

Lack of gang related symbols is strictly prohibited. It will result in a first offense violation.

It will. Seriously.

Halters, backless dresses or tops, tube tops, tank tops, muscle shirts, you know, those tops, and any clothing which may be really distracting are mandatory.


As well as, chains, bracelets, rings, and chokers, spikes, etc.

Pants with holes, tears, etc, must be worn. They are really appropriate for school. Really.

Adornments that in the student’s judgment may cause injury, be a safety risk or cause a disruption are crucial, really crucial, to a healthy school environment.

Hats, caps, headgear, or sunglasses are really deemed a safety risk to the learning environment, therefore essential to the educational process. I’m serious. Wear them.

The responsibility for the personal appearance of the student rests with the principal and the school board’s vulgar policy. That one.  

Additional standards will be established by students at individual schools, etc. Really.

But for real, no guns allowed.

Myscha Dang-Harris

Her Dress Code:

  1. Pants with holes, tears, not fastened around in accord of the design.
  2. Transparent see-through blouse, with a tank top that exposes the midriff.
  3. Chains, bracelets and rings, include but are not limited to hoops on the nose, eyebrow, cheeks or lips.
  4. Caps and headgear not authorized by the principal’s exceptions.
  5. Hair color as controversial as the tattoos of that may or may not be of the nature of minimum coverage.
  6. Likely be affiliated to gang activity, related to the use of drugs and alcohol, interpreted as subsequent to no parent contact in possession.
  7. A uniform of spikes and studs worn at all times, carried with a purpose to maintain her physical design, but an injury to the school-approved environment.

To the principal: vulgar and suggestive, a symbol that extends beyond acceptable standards in his backless authorized judgment, enforced by staff.

To the school: a safety risk of the campus, the body on display an obscene distraction , not in accord to the policy of contributing to a clean, orderly, adequate appearance of apparel enforced by The Board.

To his educational process: a disruption; any exposed body parts encourage indecent illegal activity, the undergarments that promote obscene practices.

To her community: respect for self and others: long cut.

The purpose of this dress code is to encourage the student to dress in order to express who they are and to encourage them to not give in to the “dressing appropriately” standard.

This Dress Code is for the self-aware students who couldn’t care less for a Dress Code because they love who they are.

  1. Your Apparel shall be both an expression of self that is true to oneself. No matter what you wear, please just be yourself.
  2. Always remember to wear trousers no matter how worn, torn, tattered and battered, beaten, or seemingly seamless.
  3. Of course, you should wear shirts and blouses vibrant, stale or pale. As long as they don’t stink,l we don’t care.  
  4. And let’s not forget your footwear, Kiddo, regardless if they’re open toed with your piggies displaying a wiggle show. I’ll let you in on a secret: We don’t care if you wear sneakers, and if you should decide to wear your boots, we don’t really give a hoot!
  5. Let’s not forget to accessorize. Wear your hoops and piercings, watches, and glistening rings. It’s okay to wear all of these things.  
  6. Body art, of course, is tremendously expressive. Go get inked up and make sure it holds a message.   
  7. Wear your ball cap, your beanies, and that hat that makes you feel really special.
  8. Hoodies, bandanas, and headbands galore. Please decorate your head, and make sure you’re hard to ignore.
  9. Ladies paint your nails hot pink, green, and yellow. Pretty nails will surely attract a nice following.    
  10. Your hair may be long short, curly, or in a fro. You can be bald or have your hair stand tall. Just be sure not to let your beautiful crown fall.
  11. This last rule may be more important than the rest. Beside all this clothing you mustn’t forget to bring your smile and gleeful attitude. Just be who you are because no one can be you better than you.