Six-word stories!


Krystal Hernandez

Krystal Hernandez, Matthew Hilfiker, Jaydan Baldock, Davaisha Lias, Ryan McKay, Emmanuel Washington, Parrish Cormier, Itzel Jimenez, Mark Anthony Marquez, Kwantayvia Williams, Jacob Torres, Mark Maner, Nadee Joseph, Stephanie Knowles, Myscha Dang-Harris, Brian Aragon, and Kameron Wilson

Her scarred hand created art. Once.
Her warm brown eyes melted fall.
His gentle smile deceived 17 men.
Can you hear my Thank You?

~ Krystal Hernandez

Oof, it be like that sometimes.

~Matthew Hilfiker

Tires screech. Painful whimper. “Where’s Rex?”
One time won’t hurt you. Addicted.
It’s only because I love you.

~Jaydan Baldock

He said he loved my innocence.

~Davaisha Lias

He’s in every letter she writes.

~Ryan McKay

You really looked better from behind.

~Emmanuel Washington

Her curls held very many secrets.

~Parrish Cormier

Bang.  We knew he wasn’t normal.
Cha Ching! No, I’m all natural.
Twister live action movie in Alabama.
McDonald’s full-time employee at age sixteen.

~Itzel Jimenez

His purr began to fade out.
Summer plans with Grandma were cancelled.
He said he would change. #Liar
It was my forever. Not yours.

~Mark Anthony Marquez

The first time in forever.  #44
Please stop! I’m doing this for you.

~Kwantayvia Williams

The mirror showed an unfamiliar face.
People are monsters without each other.
The blanket covered the whole family.
We walk the world for attention.

~Jacob Torres

“Stop fighting it!” said the father.

~Mark Maner

I would much rather be mute.

~Nadee Joseph

“I love you.” Only in private.

~Stephanie Knowles

“Essential oils are Polio’s best friend.
Sorry, ma’am.  Your braids are unprofessional.
Shooting star. “Pretty!” said the stegosaurus.

~Myscha Dang-Harris

Irma. Maria. Jose. The Three Musketeers.

~Brian Aragon

Positive? I’m only in high school.
Sit still.  It’ll be over soon.

~Kameron Wilson