The Entity


Mark Anthony Marquez

This week I was seven. Last month I was thirty-one. This year I was three hundred and sixty-five people.

I am the Entity.

This is my ongoing course of never ending changes. New perspectives, new friends, new homes, food, clothes, shoes, hair, skin, eyes, nose, ears, but, at the end of it all, we’re all linked by one thing and that thing was that we’re all human.

And the thing the Entity fell in love with and wanted to share with everyone wasn’t something you brush off but instead you cherish. No matter who you were you could have it, it fell in love with this thing called happiness.

Today, I am Carol.

A new place, a new day, with a new body, this girl lived in Florida. In a forest, in a trailer with an older gentleman who seems to be the father, and she has bruises on her arms and cuts on her thigh.

She’s sad, giving up, afraid to continue. I wanted to help her, but how? And I glanced at her Iphone4 which had no data plan. This left me with one choice and that was to place an emergency call to 911.

With a few questions, the police were at here, at her door was a new, beautiful, foster family had open arms to this poor girl.

I was Carol once.


And with a bash Sebastian woke up. A new body, a new day, a new place. Today I was a Brazilian boy in a small town called Salren knowing nothing of this individual because every day was something new. I, the Entity, moved from body to body every night. A new person with a new religion, a new look, a new class when the clock struck 12:00am.

Place to place.  Person to person. Every day the Entity suffered longing for the one thing it found; it was beautiful, beaming with beauty. And the Entity had it for one day.