The Lines


Kwantayvia Williams

The lines traveled around my thighs

Graceful, yet a threat like the different clouds in the skies

The bold and dark marks that represented a change in my life

Ugly in my eyes

The vinery that intertwined on my behind made me sick!

I was trying to get rid of me from the inside and didn’t realize

Even still how could I and what would I lose if I ran from within?

If I did, where would I have hidden?

What was it worth?

The beauty eaters had begun to emerge

And now it was time to purge

Purge away the creepers until I saw in the mirror that it was much deeper

It was deeper than these God-forsaken features that resembled crawling creatures

And of course, I wasn’t ready for my heartbeat to drum unsteadily

And yet the vines began to wrap around my heart where they belong

You see my love for them had begun to grow strong

And yet I was still holding on

Still holding onto that grudge

Of course, I wasn’t ready to budge

Looking down at my stripe-covered pudge

I began to smile although it took a while

But these fine lines were given to me by an innocent child

And that’s what made them worth it

Despite my denial.