Becca Luman

Darkness entwined with

Rattling ropes that never cope.

Anxiety wrapped in breathlessness

Tied strands, bands, fear and burned.


Hopes up, down, and around

Swinging relentlessly as Hades captivates the

Whirlpool of lost tightened souls on a rope.

Darkened light as the gyre hugs

The lost souls like a rattlesnake

Constricting each victim one last time

Before devouring its own rope body

Lost in a system of no return


Let it burn, let it burn, rope burn.

Hope is for those dopes.

Tie a brick to a rope instant defeat

Midnight glows and darkness shows hear your call

Time to entangle those lost in your constricting soul

Whip, Thrash, Down the hatch, winding shut.


Watch the heathens of the underworld vanish as demons

Whip their pointy dark-hearted tails as you sail by

Whip, Whip, Thrash, Bang down the tripwire

What a joy to inflict upon your own worst sin upon one’s own kin.

As if a ghost strangling a haunted calliope with a rope

Wrapped in duct tape and smashed in a cloud of hellish smoke.