Does Polly Want a Cracker? (Winner Lee County Aspiring Authors Contest)


Myscha Dang-Harris

I do not think I will, Ms. Gertrude.

To her passing I shall say good riddance.

Her heart was empty of malice and spite,

Nor was she repulsive, ill tempered.

But she berated me with that question

That near drove me to insanity’s door.


My beauty endlessly praised and worshipped,

For the colors that have adorned my back,

Bright and beautiful, vibrant and vivid.

I claim not to be such a narcissist,

But even my own splendor dazzles me.

Ms. Gertrude was even aware..


So why this restless inquiry pursuit?

When I am mocked for my mockery,

Criticized for my vocal conformity.

When I am voicing the thoughts of others,

It’s seen as nothing but a party trick,

While Ms. Gertrude sings like a scratched record.


Everyone adores me, adorable me.

My voice that everyone begs to hear.

Everyone would yearn to converse with me

Yet over and over that same question

She doesn’t address me by my proper name!

This is why I won’t mourn Ms. Gertrude’s end.