Puddle Watcher (Winner Lee County Aspiring Authors Contest)


Itzel Jimenez

A wet road heads west toward a sunset

Hosting a puddle, stone, cool, inert

And a tall man, returns from work

In dirty clothes, he lurks

Before the scene

A puddle plain to see, a vapor, a mist

And despite his raised fist, he finds himself dismissed

By a puddle no less

And his journey has been sabotaged

By a puddle clinging to the asphalt beneath

Remaining defiant and uncamouflaged.

In disbelief, he called “Make way! Disappear!”

His commands, immense and clear

Yet the puddle did not splash, quake, or volunteer

And chose to remain stoic and still, without fear

The man paced before that puddle

Dropped his bag, stared and sneered

He waited with patience around the clock

While the puddle evaporated drop by drop

He had stomped, he had stood

And he had slept

Until time had reduced the puddle to damp

And the scamp could traverse his defeated foe

Yet, with sky slated gray, winds began to blow

And the road chuckled and the rain flowed.