True Adventures Lie at Night


Jaydan Baldock

Amber Hughes

When days grow dark and weary, while our intelligence falls to rest or leave our minds, the adventures and new beginnings unlocking the doors, flipping to new chapters, dark and mysterious, so ravishing, we being the night owls, nocturnal, creating and illustrating, remembering under the bright night city lights, although thy mothers and thy fathers, expecting us to rest, our beating hearts and adrenaline filled minds elsewhere, wishing, wanting, needing to be alive, wanting to fear, craving the danger, this feeling needed to stay alive and just run from the chains holding us back from what calls us closer, to the excitement, to the beauty, while stars shine bright and the moon howls, running with our hands high, free, as dangerous it seems, running, breathing the silence, breathing the night air, smelling the grass, the gasoline, the midnight fries at McDonalds and the saltwater miles away, all leading to freedom while plucking those earbuds from our ears, switching off our phones, ignoring Snapchat, Instagram, Spotify, creating our own music, screaming and shouting all the words we hide, locked in lockets tucked away in our pockets, until it is morning, until we shut the door on our fantasies, our utopias, our night time Narnias, shutting the wardrobe forever and we awake to realities of lions and witches at home in our minds, and when it’s time to say Good Morning, we remember, always, true adventures lie at night.