Ode to Skunk


Jessica Nugiel

Amongst blossoming flowers and bumbling bees,

Out stepped a skunk with a cheerful squee,

With clubbed little fingers and wiry black fur,

Inky silhouette absorbing all colors,

Sat twirling delicate petals with harmless glee,  


A seemingly stark contrast from the yellows and the greens,

Yet it remains in harmony with termites and minks,

Jutting out against the reddening sky,

Ebony frame breathily exhaling an elfin sigh,

Pranced about sniffing at honey hives and sweet peas,

Yet the day begins to fade,

Twirls of pastel pinks transforms to gray,

The shadows of the night,

Choking out the light,

Darkness flooding over eyes that once were bright,

White stripe painted, denuded of all life