A War Photographer Addresses His Subject


Amber Hughes

Inspired by the photography of Nick Ut who photographed Kim Phuc, a victim of a napalm attack in Vietnam, and Paris Hilton 40 years later. 

She’s a simple naked Vietnamese girl (Good, girls evoke more empathy, true)
Dying, Save Me? (No, too mawkish)
“The Terror of War”(Now THAT’S drama…)
Maybe this is reality vs perspective (For the New York Times crowd)
Running from the black hole, running from “the nothing” (War is hell.)
(That’s a Pulitzer shot.)
40 Years Later

This grown woman is bawling like a little child (Drama Queen.)
From Hollywood to Hell, it looks like it to me (Ooh, good line. Use it.)
She’s no Napalm Girl (Miss Pretty Face).
She’s nothing but a pretty face, no talent whatsoever (Like the whole paparazzi.)
“Ms. Hilton, look over here!” (Yelled through the limo windows.) “People Magazine!”
(That’s a money shot.)