Poem: Start Something New


Brian Aragon

A poem in a single sentence…

The songs roared over the bloody graffiti on the wall, marching, trembling, shaking projects, handing out instruments of key moments in history, to uprise future generations, changing art and humanity before they all die out from misconceptions, bitterness, and fear, to listen to the base and snares as they vibrate the homes of fatherless children which “grow in the ghetto livin’,” to be detained to the point that they’ll be insane, but the noises from RUN D.M.C, Public Enemy, N.W.A giving unforgettable voices to the intangible, voiceless, adolescent who spent the quality time to rhyme with messages hoping to put an end to this delusional state of mind, starting the movement to push it, push it good, bringing the clueless out of the frying pot, wiping off the lie and stuff, cleaning the grease to release the child’s dreams of peace, a wrinkly torn paper with 16 bars, these refreshing, thirst quenching, energizing motivations through the eyes of any life that can walk straight, speak, and breathe, revolutionizing music with new voices, the new Kendrick Lamar, new J-Cole, new XXXTENTACION, new Rapsody, so their songs play through these kids’ phones, so their songs roar over the bloody graffiti on the wall.