Memoir: Because I Am a Girl


Krystal Hernandez

A Girl

Krystal Hernandez

A single sentence memoir 

When I decided to change, daintily, carefully, quietly recreating myself as a person who cares, feels, loves, grows in an endless cycle, leading to easier precise, direct, emotional, arduous decisions and mental liberation releasing all fears, anxieties lying deep within my restless, hardworking, and impatient brain, strangers policing my decisions yet their lives existing as a perfect mess of chaos, tears, and battles for what I want too: adventures in rivers, oceans, roads, and forests full of trees blooming with leaves of my dreams, all evaporating with distractions, telephones, social media, sabotaging and controlling me with artificially wired intelligence every decade, year, hour, minute, seconds, taking me far from the comfort zone, far from my cozy yellow blanket, far from the language I speak privately, publicly, and intimately like the gentle sweet nothings whispered late at night to father’s loud raspy voice: be pretty, behave, be nice, don’t do that, he says once or twice or more like scratched vinyl just because I am a girl, not allowed to be out late because I am a girl, not allowed to hang out with boys because I am a girl, not allowed be free because they think I’ll have sex because I am a girl, yet, I am willing to allow myself to look past the hardships and the strictness because I am the creator of my own path, and I decided to be happy.