Poem: A Squirrel’s Thought Progression


Keila Hernandez and Krystal Hernandez


Abishai Ribble

One step.  Look left. Look right.  Another step. Turn.

What’s that?

                      One step. Two steps. Nut.

Another nut.  My two nuts.

Two steps back. New nuts.

They’re his nuts, and I want them.

“Nice nuts.”

I wonder if I can get em?  I’m gonna try. How should I do it?  

I could sneak up.  No, I’ll charge. I can easily over power him.

It’ll be worth it.  Those are real nice nuts.  Alright, here I go.

Yup, it was definitely worth it.  MMMM. Nuts.

Wait, what is that one over there?  Is that an acorn. MMMM acorns.

             One step. Look left.  Wait, that’s a bigger acorn.

                                                  Turn around. One step.

                                                Back to the other acorn.

SHOOT!  My nuts are all over the place!  Turn around. Five steps back. Almost got my nuts in a pile.

                                                         OH MY GOSH! That’s the other acorn. Turn left. One step.

              Is that the squirrell.  Oh ya. His nuts are already mine.

                                              That looks like the nicest acorn I’ve ever seen.  

    One step.  Another step.  Look left. Look right.  Almost there. Wait, I think I forgot my nuts.

       Turn around.  There they are.  One step. Another.  Five more.                Almost there. I got em. Now what?