Poem: Truckloads of Thoughts and Prayers

Poem: Truckloads of Thoughts and Prayers

Michael Leon

Abishai Ribble

The dump truck arrives; you knew it would


In the bed, old words written in the dust and soot and rust, clean me

Despite its cargo: thoughts and prayers


The truck is in a cloud of exhaust and rot.

Broken transmission, food for thought


It’s dented on the sides

Most of the paint is gone

The truck is so old it won’t always turn on


The windows are cracked

The tires are flat

The old truck becomes the home of a rat


We — students, teachers, victims — back up

As this load beeps into the school

It’s unaware it doesn’t have what we want


Regardless, the bed flips out

And dumps thoughts and prayers

And they remain a messy heap in the parking lot


This shooting affected us all

But the government won’t do anything

It will, however, abandon us with thoughts and prayers.