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Nghi Has His Eyes on the World

Senny Ryan

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It wasn’t easy, but Nghi Nguyen-Huynh said it took him dedication to get one step closer to his dreams.

Nghi snagged an early acceptance from New York University, and he will be attending the Shanghai campus in the fall of 2018.  This goal-oriented scholar will be in the foreign exchange student program and study computer science.

Nghi said he will make it a point to thrive, to succeed, and take the steps to become an NYU graduate. He is looking forward to the cultural opportunities Shanghai can offer, certainly offerings more diverse than small town Fort Myers.

“Shoot high. Shoot far,” he said.

Nghi said he was surprised he was accepted into the university.

“I’m not some outlier kid,” he said with a humble smile.

When explaining how he isn’t some above average student, he said all underclassmen should try hard and prioritize when they come into high school. He also said students should get into I.B. programs and/or Dual Enrollment.

He is very thankful for this opportunity, and he wants to encourage other students in the college application process. He suggested not to rely on one university and not to set your sight on just one college. Apply to as many as possible and strive to be the best you can, he said.

The process for him was different from other applications for Florida schools. He said a good way to make an impression with NYU is to get an interview with an alumnus, which he was not able to do. For him, a significant part of the acceptance process was his essay.

“As much as test scores, GPA, and extracurriculars matter, I think a very significant part is the essay you write for the colleges because that’s the first thing they read,” he said.

Your essay is what you want colleges to think of you. It’s the story you’re telling to colleges and how you portray yourself.

His has more advice for the underclassmen at South Fort Myers High School: Do something you love instead of doing something that pays well because if you’re doing something you love, money should be a non-factor. Finally, he urged all students to not make college just about studying every night and grades but to live a little and go out to make college your own experience.



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Nghi Has His Eyes on the World