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The Joy of Bowling

Becca Luman

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This year was my very first time at Lee County Bowling Districts. It was my dream deferred.  

I discovered my love of this peculiar sport when I was a ninth grader.  Is bowling glamorous?  Hardly.  But it’s my passion.

Through this sport, I finally learned how to socialize with others.  And, oddly enough, it gave me a purpose, a goal.

That goal was to go to districts.

But about that dream deferred.  Coach told me my ninth grade year I just wasn’t ready.  

Oh, my heart.

But I persevered.

My talent grew. I practiced on my own time with a local bowling league.  I started bowling between a 63 and 68, but, by my sophomore year, I was scoring 121.  I was ready to attend districts.

But. A family emergency delayed my dream. Such distress.

Jump forward to now.  I kept up my bowling stride, but my performance took it on the chin throughout the season.  So, even though I wouldn’t be able to represent South as a player, I still qualified to attend and support the team on October 23, 2017.

The planets were aligned, and I made it to the competition. I was overjoyed by the sight of many of South’s great bowlers, past and present.

This was the most exhilarating experience of my school days.  I watched my teammates bowl their hearts out, and I held the energy in the practice lanes, hearing the crash of pins and explosive cheers for strikes.

I was jealous, but I was there. Did South triumph?  No.  But all were hangry and due for a Steak and Shake lunch.

Remember I said that bowling taught me to socialize?  This was the pinnacle of my athletic achievement.  I was there, bowling, talking and celebrating.  This was a team.


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The Joy of Bowling